The Y: Why you should use TripAxis

We know perfectly well that holidays can be stressful for all the wrong reasons – reasons that often lie beyond your control. This is why we take an interest in ensuring that your trip is stress free. We take any strain, while you relax – completely,

At TripAxis, we've been arranging people's travel needs for many, many years, and understand what exactly it is that you need to make your travel experience carefree and enjoyable.

With our combination of great service at every point of your journey—from booking to arriving home—and great deals, we believe that we can make that vital difference between you having a nice trip, and you having a great trip.

This is why we've invested in new technology and our TripAxis Charter to improve your booking and travel experience. What's more, our Travel Team will always be available to assist you and/or provide you with any additional services that you may need. So, whether you're at home or at the office and booking your trip, or you're at your destination and need advice or assistance, we're there for you.

We're not just your x and y – we're everything in-between.

Local Expertise

It has never been easier to reach that place you always wanted to visit. Yet, it's always wise to consult with someone who knows the place you're going to, intimately before you travel. You should always consult a local guide.

TripAxis is your local guide: an online travel portal aimed at bringing travellers like you, great travel experiences from the region's hospitality industries.

We understand Dubai and the Middle East in the kind of detail only a local company can; we understand the people, the culture, and the language of local business. We know local hospitality as only the locals do.

And, armed with the gifts of advice, information and direction, we can better serve you with all the information you'll ever need when choosing your perfect leisure getaway or your business trip.

Easy Booking

Booking your destination is really easy with TripAxis. This is no accident. We've created an online environment that uses the latest and most-effective technology. Simple, effective, and highly-secure, you can rest easily knowing you're in the very safest of hands.

We know from experience that online booking can sometimes make even the most patient of us irritable and frustrated. So, we went back to the drawing-board. We asked, and we listened; then we created something that you'll find straightforward, intuitive, and simplicity itself to use.

With fast-loading, instant online confirmation, and a very user-friendly interface, you'll find TripAxis a breeze whether you're booking a business trip, a holiday, or an excursion, from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

At TripAxis, we want your travel experience to be as relaxed as possible—not just from when you step on the plane, but right from the moment you first arrive on our site.

Great Deals

TripAxis is the right place to be if you're looking for a great travel deal. We go to a lot of trouble to find the best offers in the best places, so you don't have to. We've invested heavily in creating great relationships with local travel service providers so you have a trip that's memorable for all the right reasons.

We constantly scan the market for great offers that blend the highest quality destinations and range of services with very competitive rates that you'll find hard to beat anywhere.

Combining our expertise in the industry with the latest business intelligence and brand new technology, we like to think we're one of the regional leaders in our field.

But that's not all. At TripAxis, we believe in offering you something more—something that has an added value we believe you'll find irresistible. We offer packages that not only leave you with great memories, but come with the TripAxis commitment to giving you the best value around—all from a company you can trust.

Superior Service

We do more than promise great service at TripAxis; we invest in our customer service people and systems. We want to make sure that the small things that can make the difference between 'good' and 'unforgettable' are always followed to the letter.

We strive to ensure that the products we advertise live up to your expectations. Whether it's the standard of the room and its rate, the freshness of the bedding, the quality of the restaurant, or the language assistance you asked for on your excursion, no item is too small to escape our attention.

To this end, we created the TripAxis Charter.

The TripAxis Charter

What is the TripAxis Charter? It's quite simply an extension of our service that separates us from our competition.

We promise that whatever service you take when you book with TripAxis, when you're in Dubai, our Travel Team will be there to assist you during your stay. Each one is a personal guide who will work to ensure your satisfaction.

At TripAxis, we know that you're unique. We want to ensure that our service is never less than exceptional, and completely meets your individual needs at all times.

After all, we're here for you.

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